InsightS – Accelerated Change

InsightS – Accelerated Change

“Complex organizations must find ways to survive in a volatile economy; being too stable or unstable can be devastating. Everyone in the organization must do their part to ensure survival… complex organizations have to innovate or die, and in so doing they tend to operate at the edge of chaos” — Burnes (2004)

No organisation can afford to stand still. Companies need to adapt to new and emerging business realities. At the core of this change is the need for employees to adopt the behaviours that will help the organisation to achieve its goals.

The inherent challenge with the change process is… how to get people to embrace and live the desired behaviours!

InsightS is designed to fast-track behaviour change in situations where rapid change is required. InsightS is based on the premise that people change more readily if:

  • They understand what the organisation expects from them and why
  • They have self-awareness and are able to explore how they match up against the company’s expectations
  • Desired behaviours are continuously reinforced in the workplace

InsightS encourages participants to explore their own potential by becoming aware of their strengths and areas for development against the behaviours which are critical for the organisation. The program is structured in a way that encourages self-reflection, feedback and group reviews so participants learn from the experience. It allows for experimentation using real-life business scenarios, time to reflect and feedback from credible and relevant sources.

Feedback is an integral part of the program and is fundamental to participants achieving self-awareness. Relevant personnel from various parts of the company, including customers are actively involved as coaches. Their role is to provide guidance, share knowledge and skills, and assist participants in modeling desired behaviours.

InsightS is provided through our collaborative partnership with Altus Pacific, and is highly effective in resolving organisational challenges, including:

  • Being more customer focused
  • Building leadership throughout the organisation
  • Being more flexible, innovative, and entrepreneurial
  • Integrating different cultures, as in the case of mergers and acquisitions

 Watch a testimonial about the InsightS program.

InsightS involves a 2 to 3 day workshop, pre-work and follow-up coaching to ensure desired behaviours are applied and reinforced at work.

InsightS enables employees to:

  • Gain a practical knowledge of the behaviours identified as critical in the role
  • Apply specific behaviours to deal with complex and challenging issues
  • Do things differently and cope with change
  • Accept the need for change more readily
  • Establish targeted development plans to develop and reinforce specific behaviours in the workplace.

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