Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

“Shared values between the employee and the organisation result in personal feelings of success, organisational commitment, self confidence and ethical behaviour”— Posner et al. (1985) 

Organisations are facing an increasingly tight labour market… engaging and retaining employees is becoming even more challenging than ever. Common feedback from organisations and employees include the following issues:

  • Employees receive little feedback on their performance
  • Employees are rarely told when they have done a good job
  • Many employees believe their manager doesn’t help them with their development
  • Managers often avoid dealing with behaviour and performance problems

To meet this challenge, managers and leaders need to improve the quality of their relationship with their employees. Extensive research has demonstrated that one of the key drivers of engagement is the quality of the leader. Managers and leaders need to have regular open and constructive conversations with their employees about their performance, their personal development, and their career aspirations.

Therefore good coaching is at the heart of good leadership.

Our solution, Driving Employee Engagement through Coaching is based on a simple, effective, and easy-to-use coaching framework.

To help managers and leaders better engage their employees, we have designed this program to provide the skills, structure, tools and techniques to coach and motivate employees in various situations. It is based on a simple, effective, and easy to use coaching framework. Managers and Leaders learn how to handle each conversation effectively, in a way that helps build trust, facilitates acceptance of feedback, and results in true commitment to a course of action.

Driving Employee Engagement through Coaching is designed to develop critical leadership attributes such as self-awareness, the ability to build collaborative relationships, the courage to tackle performance issues, as well as the ability to influence and be a positive role model.

Driving Employee Engagement through Coaching is based on practical, hands-on learning through real case studies and workplace applications

Driving Employee Engagement through Coaching enables leaders to:

  • Apply strategies and techniques to build effective relationships with employees
  • Have open and constructive conversations in relation to performance, development, and career aspirations
  • Give accurate and relevant feedback
  • Effectively conduct the appropriate coaching conversation to achieve a specific purpose
  • Apply day-to-day coaching to improve individual and team performance and to assist employees with their development

Driving Employee Engagement through Coaching includes a flexible two-day workshop followed by individual support back at work, to ensure system, tools and techniques are effectively applied.

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