Talent Management

Talent Management

“Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” — Lou Holtz

Attraction and retention of talent is one of the top concerns of most companies today. A well structured, contemporary program with tangible results provides the organisational leadership and employees with a pathway to career development and success.

The Talent Management program is offered through our collaborative partnership with Altus Pacific, and targets managers and non-managers at all levels and is designed to accurately map and develop the talent of present and future leaders.

The program objectives are designed to help identify employees with leadership and managerial potential and to develop this talent for the future. It also helps them to identify the development they need in order to achieve their potential. Individual development plans are then put in place to maximise career potential in line with the organisation’s goals and objectives.

The program’s development strategy includes planning, various forms of assessments, feedback, mentoring and coaching, job placements and other employee development strategies and tools.

Core elements of our approach include:

  • Training and development of managers and employees to prepare them for their roles as mentors and coaches;
  • Using existing business challenges to bring to life real scenarios faced by individuals;
  • Design and development of competency frameworks that are easily understood and relevant;
  • Leading edge 360 degree feedback processes and tools that enable objective assessment of behaviours and performance.

The Talent Management program will:

  • Identify hidden talent in organisations;
  • Fast-track the development of high potentials;
  • Allow participants to develop a greater understanding of the end-to-end business.

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